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Frequently Asked Questions

Please check Namever's frequently asked questions below to find your answers. If you still need help, please feel free to contact us or send ticket from our support panel here : Support

You can be a buyer, a seller, or both! Select your domain name or submit your domains for sale. Namever.com provides all the tools necessary with an easy to use interface to help you make an informed buying decision or help you market and sell your domain names.

We also have a great user interface, Our friendly team is available to serve you round the clock

Simply click Register at the top right of the screen and follow the simple steps to create an account. You need to verify your email before submitting your domains for sale

Once you have created an account, sign in and enter your user dashboard area. In the My Domains section, click on "+ Post Domain" and follow the simple steps.

We are using the stripe/paypal payment method, supports payments up to 3,000 USD. Feel free to use your debit or credit card to complete the purchase. All payments over 3,000 USD has to be completed through wire transfer.

Creating an account is 100% free. Subscribing to our newsletter is 100% free.
Domain Sale:
Namever takes a 10% commission on the sale price for normal listings and 15% for featured listings. If you park your domains with us using our DNS and/or by forwarding your domains to their unique landing pages, both normal and featured-listing commissions are reduced to 8%. Remember, we only get paid if your domain name sells!

Namever takes privacy very seriously. Please refer to our User Agreement & PRIVACY POLICY for all privacy-related information.

When a sale takes place and the payment has been secured, you have the option to transfer the domain name to another registrar. You must request the EPP (authorization code) from your registrar and provide it to the buyer. The buyer then initiates a transfer request within their own registrar, and the seller receives an email asking them to confirm the transfer.

If you want to purchase a domain name value higher than 3000 USD, then you must verify your identity.
-Verified Buyer Form provided by namever.com : Donwload
-Government-issued COLOR photo ID
-Address Proof
This verification helps to reduce spam purchases. We respect your privacy and we assure we protect your data with the highest data standards. Kindly note, we as a market place has to keep the fraud risk manageable.

It takes 24 hours to verify and approving the documents uploaded

6 Days, payment reminder emails will be sent every 24 hours once.
All purchases on the Namever platform are legally binding, please be sure before buying. Sellers can file a legal dispute in case you have not paid on time.

At max 1 to 2 days after the payment received.

At this time, Namever only accepts US dollars. For your convenience, we recommend using an FX tool like www.xe.com if you are dealing with a different currency.

Yes, if the seller has elected to accept offers. Simply use the inquiry form on the domain’s sale page. Please be aware that an offer is binding for 7 days.

If the seller fails to initiate the domain transfer within 14 business days of the time of purchase, the buyer is entitled to claim a refund.

To delete your domains, sign in to your account. On your dashboard, under the 'My Domains' tab, click 'delete'.