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Hacksplaining: Web Security for Developers

Hacksplaining: Security Training for Developers

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security training for developers

Hack real, vulnerable web applications to learn how security exploits work.

Learn about all of the major vulnerabilities that threaten your stack.

sql injection

cross-site scripting

command execution


cross-site request forgery

directory traversal

reflected xss

dom-based xss

file upload vulnerabilities

broken access control

open redirects

unencrypted communication

user enumeration

information leakage

password mismanagement

privilege escalation

session fixation

weak session ids

xml bombs

xml external entities

denial of service attacks

email spoofing


lax security settings

toxic dependencies

logging and monitoring

buffer overflows

server-side request forgery

host header poisoning

insecure design

mass assignment

prototype pollution

regex injection

remote code execution

cross-site script inclusion

Review concrete code samples illustrating the security flaws, and how to avoid them, in the major programming languages.

Learn how prevalent, exploitable and dangerous each vulnerability is.

See why secure coding practices are important in every step of the development cycle.

Test your knowledge as you learn by taking quizzes on each topic.

see it in action! learn about...

sql injection

command execution

directory traversal

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